New York Actor  SAG-AFTRA  AEA

5’9”, 144 lbs., in athletic shape

Coat size: 40 or 39

Pants: 30 x 30

Shirt size:  15½ x 33

Hat: 7½



New York actor, Joel Brody, is known for his character roles on stage, screen and television.  Since 1974, he has graced the stage of the Metropolitan Opera House in character roles in dozens of operas and ballets with the Metropolitan Opera, the Kirov, ABT and several visiting European companies.


His film presence includes scenes with, Jason Bateman, Bono, Sandra Bullock, Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, Idris Elba, Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco, Pat Healy, Mandy Patinkin, and other cinematic luminaries.  The great international film and opera director, Franco Zeffirelli, always cast Joel in his iconic Met Opera productions.  So did the legendary Otto Schenk and Dr. Jonathan Miller.


Joel has sung 60 character tenor roles in operas and operettas with ten companies. His roles include the Witch in “Hansel and Gretel,” the Simpleton in “Boris Godunov,” Monostatos in “The Magic Flute,” Goro in “Madama Butterfly,” and Njegus in “The Merry Widow,” to list some of his favorites.


Excellent diction in German, Italian, French, Russian and English is essential for opera singing and theatrical roles, and Joel has carried his love and expertise in languages, dialects and linguistics to his 50+ film roles since 2005. So far, on film, he’s performed in Russian in “Mountain Low,” Hillbilly French in “Torlo” and RP British (The Queen’s English) in “Twerk.”    His Cab Driver role in “Octavia: Elegy for a Vampire” was performed in Russian accented English. He performed the role of Mr. Carp in the classic Odets play, “Golden Boy” and the role of The Antiques Shop Owner in the feature film, “Pentimento,” with Viennese accents.  Joel delves deeply into the study of his characters from every conceivable angle.  He delights in discovering outlets for creative expression and finding areas he didn’t even know were in him.





BFA, MFA Degrees, Cornell University, Theater, Sculpture, Painting, Italian, Art History, Italian, French, Russian, Linguistics;  Accademia di Belle Arti, Rome; Université de Grenoble, The New School  Acting, French diction - Ève Danielle - Centre d’art dramatique, NY;  Roles in Russian plays with Pauline Achmatova, Stanislavski student at the Moscow Art Theater; Studied Italian at the Dante Alighieri Institute, Rome, Italy.


Voice - Bianca Berini, Bruno Pola; .Italian - Robert A. Hall, Jr., Cecilia Bartoli;  Interpreting - Université de Grenoble, France;  Sculpture -  Accademia di Belle Arti, Rome, Italy;  Spanish - Emilio Faustin, Monica Flóres;  Linguistics - Charles Hockett, Robert A. Hall, Jr.;   Stone carving - José de Creeft;  Yoga, Meditation, Integral Yoga Institute and many lectures by various gurus;  Raw Veganism: Dr. Ann Wigmore, Dr. Brian Clement,  Paul Nison, Tonya Zavasta.






Sang 60 tenor and baritone character roles for local NY, NJ, CT opera companies (resume on request).   In October, 2016, he performed the character role of Mr. Carp in a sold-out AEA Showcase production of the classic Odets play, "Golden Boy."


Regularly performs character mime roles at the Metropolitan Opera House. Operas were televised internationally on PBS  and directed by Franco Zeffirelli, Otto Schenk, Sir Jonathan Miller, Tim Albery, Sir Peter Hall, Giancarlo Del Monaco, Jürgen Flimm, etc.


Leading roles in plays - some in French;–4 roles in Dylan Thomas’ Under Milkwood; Cornell Dramatic Club;  Character roles in Russian at Russian Classic Theater.


Character mime roles with visiting French, Italian, Russian, Danish, German and English ballet companies at the Metropolitan Opera House since 1975, and performs with the American Ballet Theater NY Spring season at the Metropolitan Opera House, Character roles in Romeo & Juliet, Manon wtth Alessandra. Ferri and Roberto Bolle.

RESUME: Profile

Salome  - MET Opera 2016



Modeling - print work


The Wizard for Vitamin Water ad campaign, photographed by Bisse Bengtsson;

Esquire, New York Magazine, Opera News, Character print modeling for numerous

catalogues and publications, playing beard intensive religionists, Nostradamus,

intellectuals, Einstein professor types.



Special Skills


Fluent in Italian, Spanish, French, speaks German, Russian, Portuguese.

Voiceovers – Italian, English (also with British, U.S. Southern, French, Italian accents);

Sculpts, paints, draws, lectures on Art History (Humanities professor at 6 universities);

Lectures on health, physical fitness; sings (legit), dances (ballroom),

amateur vegan bodybuilder.




(Photo: Spencer Heyfron)

Have you appeared in anything I’d know?

I have a nice scene in Eat Pray Love, which is coming out soon. I play a yogi.


Are you an actual yogi?

Yes, and I used to be a well-known sculptor, as well. I speak many languages—Spanish, Italian,

French, Russian, German. And I lived in Sweden; I have a Swedish girlfriend.


You must have a lot of energy.

As the years go by, we have to learn more about being ageless and healthier.


So how old are you?

Ahhhh! I usually say 3,000, but I only look 300.


Do you not like to talk about your age?

If you’re thinking of age as a countdown to the casket, that’s not healthy. I don’t have to be

bogged down by numbers.


Interview by Emma Rosenblum, May 9, 2010.

Facebook Message: Loredana Gasparotto (Director of Pentimento)

Photos from the film Pentimento